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Top Cars for Families

It’s September and with that comes back-to-school, back-to-activities and back-to-the-car pool. Is your family car up to the task? Family Car… each family may have a different definition of what makes the perfect family car. Is it a mini-van? A top-of-the-line with seating for 8 SUV? A car with excellent gas mileage for all the car pooling? We’ve taken a look at reviews and ‘best-of’ lists to compile Top Cars by Categories for your family’s needs. Edmonds & Parents’ Magazine – Top Family Cars List Kelley Blue Book – Best Family Cars of 2016 Car & Driver – Best New
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How Much Will Your New Car Cost?

When you are buying and financing a new or used car, there’s more to the cost of driving than simply your car payment and insurance. CAA Offers a Driving Costs Calculator to help you budget the cost of driving your new car. For instance, in BC CAA estimates it will cost approximately $0.43 per km to drive a Honda Civic. $8677 per year based on 20,000 km. They estimate a cost of $1,755 in fuel, $1,552 in insurance, $43 for license and registration, and $5,370 in depreciation and maintenance. How Much Will Your New Car Cost? Car Payment – At
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